Apple Should Add This Simple ‘Search Settings’ Feature To iOS 8 - or at least make settings easier to find

Cult Of Mac:

The Settings app in iOS is starting feel a bit crowded as each new update seems to bringing new tweaks and options to the main board and deeper menu. Control Center added quick access to key parts of the Settings maze, but we wouldn’t mind if Apple added this simple ‘Search Settings’ feature to iOS 8.

I totally agree that the settings app on iOS is way too crowded now, and it gets harder and harder to find the right settings. Almost everyday at work I have to help my colleagues finding and doing some settings for them on their iPhones. It's one thing that is not as easy to do on iOS anymore. Most things just works On iOS and has an excellent user experience, but not the settings app.. This need to change. Hopefully already in iOS 8 this year.