Apple understands the difference between a pocket watch and a wrist watch - I'll agree

The Next Web writes:

The iWatch might at first disappoint. Just like some people claimed the iPad was nothing but a large iPod Touch, some people will tell us the iWatch is nothing but an iPhone for your arm. The difference, however, is that Apple understands that the iPhone is like a pocket watch. It is great at offering information, but it is also hidden and out of sight. Taking it out of your pocket and onto your arm will be a small distance to cover, but a huge leap functionality wise. The revolution of the iWatch won’t be so much in the technology offered… but in the always accessible nature of the placement of this device.

This is exactly what I mean. If Apple will release a smartwatch, it will be a very well thought out device with the best user experience you can imagine. Personally after using a Sony Smartwatch 2, I could see some benefits with a smartwatch, small but they we're there. For example the easiness with just glancing on the watch to see the notifications without annoying the people around you. For example during a meeting or on a restaurant with your wife. It's the small things that counts when it comes to great user experience, and Apple are experts on user experience. I'm sure an iWatch would have what it needs when it comes to usefulness.