Top 5 LG G2 features I couldn’t live without <-- I'll agree, I prefer to have the LG features

Rita El Khoury:

It’s no secret to anyone who follows me on Twitter that I have rarely been as vocally positive about a smartphone as the LG G2. I have owned this device since its launch and I find myself using it daily with nay a modification. Despite my love for custom ROMs, I didn’t even root the G2 mainly because some of LG’s features have grown on me and I couldn’t live without them.

It's the same for me, the LG G2 was the best phone released in 2013, and I don't want to root and flash a custom rom on it, thanks to some of the really good LG features.

Features like Knock On, fast SMS reply, Clip Tray, Remote Control, dual camera video recording and more. I need these features and flashing a custom rom and loose them is not worth it, and yes I know you can add the camera app on a custom rom too but it won't support dual camera recording. You can also add the Knock On feature but it won't help. I prefer to have it the LG way and remove some of the annoying stuff with a launcher instead. I use the Google Experience Launcher.