Apple Updates iWork for OS X, iOS and iCloud - it's more useful than Microsoft Office

Apple updated its iWork suite Tuesday, adding new features to the desktop, mobile and cloud-based versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

The updates include better compatibility with Microsoft Office documents, new ways to share documents and support for Retina display on iCloud.

One of the biggest changes is the addition of a “view only” setting that enables documents to be shared without giving others permission to edit.

I really like what Apple is doing with the iWork Office suite. To me it beats the new Microsoft Office for iPad any day, and it's free. I even use it at work where we running Windows machines and Microsoft Office, but I use my iPhone and iPad with the iWork Suite by transferring and converting files between them and it works great. So be using Windows and Microsoft Office together with iWork is no problem for me. And also the web version of iWork is great to have and feels very much like the real apps. In fact, the best web apps I've used when it comes to Office based apps.

One of the best things with iWork is all the very useful templates that you can start with when creating new documents.