Breaking up with Facebook: Where are brands and young users going? Hopefully Google+

Advertisement is one of the driving reasons why many users (young people in particular) are abandoning the platform. As the site becomes more ad-ridden, and more parents, family or even police show up on the site, usership among young people is likely to decrease.

According to a report from iStrategy Labs, more than 3 millions teens have left Facebook since 2007, while the 55+ demographic has seen growth of 80.4 percent.

Hopefully a lot of these teenagers that abandons Facebook will try out Google+, so they can see how excellent that service is. Google+ has changed everything for me. It's my main site, my home on the web. Even if I have this blog, it's Google+ where I share my blog posts that is the most important site. Why? Because it's there I have my followers, it's where the interaction is. by using Google+ for my blog! I don't have to care about Google page rank or SEO. The only thing that matters is followers and interaction.

And for that, nothing beats Google+. I haven't seen anything that even comes near Google+. I Iove it.