Fantastical 2 for iPad is finally here!

David Sparks:

I’ve been playing with it all morning and there are some nice features including half-screen and full-screen week views, that Fantastical intuitive appointment parser, floating time zone support, and TextExpander support.

My favorite feature is the way it displays week view on the top half of the screen, a month view and a list view all at once without looking cluttered.

The Fantastical Dashboard shows your events and reminders like never before. Plus, you can customize the view quickly and easily: a simple downward swipe on the DayTicker transforms it into the beautiful week view. Another downward swipe on the week view and you’ll see the full-screen week view. (simply reverse the swipes to get back to the prior views)

Finally Fantastical is released for the iPad! I have waited so long for it. Fantastical for iPhone has been praised everywhere but I haven't wanted to buy it because there hasn't been an iPad version available, and I don't like to use stretched out smartphone apps on a tablet, that apps usually looks like on Android tablets..