Future proof: Speedy A7 Chip in iPhone 5s Beats the Competition, Including New Samsung Galaxy S5

iPhone Life:

Even though the Galaxy S5 uses the latest quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, the article notes that the iPhone 5s beats it on most of the performance tests conducted by AnandTech. In fact, the iPhone 5s comes out on top in a majority of the measures. And this is an “aging” phone. In a few months we'll have a new iPhone 6 with a new A8 chip that will be even faster, with its rumored quad-core processor and quad-core graphics. Apple just keeps racing ahead of the competition.

I really love this, Apple makes the iPhone future proof by giving it such a powerful A7 chip, and will make it even better this year with A8. They are definitely ahead of the competition. And personally I think that they added 64 bit architecture because they have big plans for their devices. The iPad will take the next big step into the post-PC future. It will become as powerful as macs and the OS'es will eventually merge, so that both macs and iOS devices will be able to do the same complex tasks.

Apple Has a very bright future ahead of them!

Thanks for the article tip Brandon Robins!