I'm sure it will look like the iPad now: iPhone 6 Case Renders Reinforce Thinner, Larger iPhone with Rounded Edges


UkrainianiPhone.com posted photos of what appears to be schematics for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 case. The schematics shows a rounded iPhone (we’re going back to the legendary iPhone 3Gs) which is larger but effectively thinner than all current iPhone models.

I'm starting to be really sure now that the next iPhone, the iPhone 6 / iPhone Air, will be designed as the iPad mini and iPad Air. Every leak, every concept says the same. And I like that a lot! It's great by Apple to unify their design language, all devices will have the same design.

And you can also see how perfect the new 4.7-inch size will be, compared to some Android phones. The size looks perfect!

I can already imagine the beautiful photos I will take on the iPad air and iPhone 6 together, with the same look :)