iPod Touch 6th Generation Release Missing in Apple 2014 Roadmap - maybe we have been wrong all along?

Gotta Be Mobile:

It is possible that this roadmap is looking only at Apple’s flagship product lines in mobile, which is why the iPod touch is missing. Perhaps Apple plans to use the same 4.7-inch display as in the iPhone 6, which could muddy any supply chain leaks. There are a variety of unknowns which could explain the lack of a iPod touch on the outline. We expect to see a new MacBook Air in June, but that is also not on the list, though Kuo suggests a new 12-inch MacBook that is “ultra slim” is in the works for later this year.

Or, what if we are all wrong about the bigger 5.5-inch version of iPhone 6, maybe it's the 6th generation of the iPod Touch we have seen leaks about? So maybe only the 4.7-inch Is a new iPhone that will be called iPhone Air, and the 5.5-inch is “just” a bigger iPod touch. It's quite logical to have such large display on a media player and gaming device that most users using the iPod Touch for.

Concept design: Heo Leo