It's a success in it's own way: Apple's iPhone 5c ate up Android while Google's Moto X flopped: why everyone was wrong

Apple Insider:

Virtually everyone who had offered an opinion about Apple's iPhone mix got everything wrong. Apple not only launched the world's best selling phone with enough innovative features to impress the company's own customers to buy an upgrade, but also managed to convert its “last year” best seller into a lower priced middle tier phone with the ability to win over Android users better than all of the leading Android flagships. Apple was so incredibly successful that it even surprised Apple.

That's what I've been trying to tell you all, the iPhone 5c is a success in it's own way, it made people switch from Android to the iPhone, and compared to some high end Android smartphones, it's a selling success. Only the iPhone 5S sold better than the iPhone 5c during the holidays.