The new buttons looks cool: LG G3 caught in the wild, back-mounted keys here to stay


The design aligns nicely with those cases that leaked earlier this week and we can clearly see that the innovative back-mounted keys are here to stay. The actual keys have been redesigned, though compared to what the G2 lineup had. We can also confirm that there is some sort of sensor next to the camera of the LG G3. Earlier we speculated that it’s either a sensor or a second LED flash, but here you can see that it looks nothing like a flash. We are yet to see what kind of sensor that is, though.

The design of the new buttons on the back looks nice, and I think that new sensor could be a fingerprint sensor unfortunately. I really hope that the rumor that the LG G3 will have a 5.5-inch display is not true, Because that's too big. I think the LG G2 has the perfect size, so why change something that's perfect?