A new rumor says the same thing as my "vision", that Apple is working on ARM based Macs that will run iOS apps

Rumor: Apple working on ARM-based Mac variants with larger trackpad built into keyboard | 9to5Mac:

MacBidouille is the source of an interesting new rumor that Apple is currently experimenting with new ARM-powered Mac variants that include a Magic trackpad built into the system’s keyboard. The company is also reportedly working on a new version of OS X that will be compatible with these ARM machines.

Well, I think it sounds like they have listen to what I believe the iPad Pro will be :) I did a post about that some days ago. Where I said that I think the rumored iPad Pro actually is a new ARM based 12-inch MacBook that runs iOS and iPad Apps, and that it would have a new kind of innovative trackpad that would be used instead of a touch screen. This new “rumor” sounds a bit like the same thing I said in that post :)

But anyways, this is very interesting, and I wish it would happen and that it's not just my “vision”. I think it will be really cool to have some Mac devices that can run iOS Apps. And to be honest, Apple has “failed” a bit with pushing for the Mac App Store, and this would replace it with the iOS App Store instead, with all the great professional Apps that are available there.