Apple stock rises above the roof thanks to iPhone 6 rumors

Apple Stock Rises iPhone 6 Rumors - Business Insider

People are slowly realizing that Apple's new iPhone 6, expected in the fall, is going to be so much more massive than iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C were — and it's showing in the stock. Apple stock is nearly at $640 this morning. It started the year at $553 and hit a humbling low of $499 in January 2013 when people began to suggest that maybe Apple was losing its mojo. Since then, it has become clear that iPhone 6, with its rumored bigger screen, is likely to drive a massive number of phone upgrades.

Nearly 80% of the iPhone users has iPhone 4, 4s and iPhone 5. For a lot of those users it's time to upgrade this year. So Apple will sell a lot of the iPhone 6 that's for sure.

And I'm also sure that a lot of Android users will switch to iPhone now when they will release a bigger phone. There is a lot of Android users that has waited for that to happen. Now the time is ready for that. A good move by Apple as usual. They haven't needed to release a bigger iPhone before, because it has sold in droves anyway. Now they see a slight drop in sale, and then they release a bigger iPhone and boom! Huge sale again. Very smart.