Clean My Mac is a very useful app for Mac - I use it to get more storage space back

CleanMyMac 2: The Best Mac Cleanup App. Clean My Mac OS X:

CleanMyMac 2 is an ingeniously simple, yet surprisingly powerful application for keeping your Mac clean, organized, and free of files that slow it down. It's simply the best app for cleaning up your Mac!

Not that Mac's need to be cleaned as often to run well, as you have to do all the time on a Windows machine, but Clean My Mac from MacPaw is an excellent app for doing just that on a Mac. I use it mainly to get back some of my storage space on my small 128GB SSD on the 11-inch MacBook Air. It's very effective for that kind of stuff. I like it a lot and it's very fast and safe too.

Some of the app's features:

  • Automatic Cleanup – an intelligent algorithm that suggests to remove files which are 100% safe for deletion.
  • System Cleanup – remove caches, logs, archives and free up system resources for a better performing Mac.
  • Large & Old Files – review and remove large files and folders that haven’t been opened for a while.
  • iPhoto Cleanup – significantly reduce the size of iPhoto Library by eliminating unneeded original copies of previously edited images.
  • Trash Cleanup – empty Trash folders of Mac’s internal and external volumes including iPhoto Trash.
  • Uninstaller – completely uninstall the apps that are no longer needed.
  • Extensions Manager – review and manage all app extensions from one dashboard.
  • Eraser – erase files from your system and leave no trace behind.

I can highly recommend this app for Mac.