I believe the iPad Pro will be an ARM based MacBook that runs iOS & iPad Apps

I believe the rumored 12-inch iPad Pro is an ARM based MacBook, that runs iOS and iPad Apps, and will have an innovative touch UI built into the TouchPad instead of the screen. Much more ergonomic than having touch directly in the display. We already have a lot of touch based gestures built in to the TouchPad Today, but this new kind of device will have the navigation from a combination of the keyboard and TouchPad. You know, a bit like it works with Apps that supports Bluetooth keyboards with the iPad today, but now also combined with a new very innovative TouchPad and gestures.

This iPad Pro will be 12-inch with a full sized keyboard, but will be smaller and much lighter than today's 11-inch MacBook Air, and have an incredible battery life. The screen won't be detachable because that is too gimmicky. This will be the ultimate portable computer that can run all the powerful and great iPad Apps.

This is my vision of a new kind of device from Apple. Personally I would buy one immediately.

I can dream, can't I?