I don't know what to think of these "leaks" anymore: Now the iPhone 6 dummy models is available for purchase


These dummy models are visually similar to the ones that we’ve reported on over the past few weeks, and thanks to popular demand, they are now available to the public. To be honest, you’re better off saving your money for the real deal when it’s released later this year, but if you’re impatient, head on over to Taobao to pick up your sketchy iPhone 6 dummy today. It may be obvious, but keep in mind that these are nonfunctional mockups.

Funny, now you can even buy your own iPhone 6 dummy prototype. I'm not so sure what to make out of all these “leaks” and “rumors” anymore. Yes I am almost sure the form and size will be like these dummies, because of so many leaks, but I am also sure it won't look this ugly. It will have another finish and build materials, will be more like the quality finish of the iPad mini and iPad Air is my personal opinion.