I prefer to be locked-down over feeling insecure

Marco Arment:

As long as iOS remains locked-down enough to prevent malware like what we see on PCs, I don’t care how inconvenient it is for us developers.

I'm not a developer but I totally agree with this. I prefer to be locked-down over feeling insecure. And iOS is not limited at all as many Android users say, rather the other way around. There is a lot of stuff I can do on iOS that I can't do an android. For example the awesome way I blog on my iPad.

  1. I open webpage in Safari that I want to blog about
  2. I select text I want to quote
  3. From a convenient menu in Safari, I choose a bookmarklet that I have programmed that uses Drafts URL Scheme to copy quote, title and link from webpage automatically.
  4. The app Drafts opens instantly for a second just to send the content forward to the advanced text editor called Editorial for iPad fully formatted with quote, and link to source.

All these steps takes just a second, even not that long really, and totally automatically.

Now I can just start blogging my opinions and thoughts about the link and quote in the fully automated way that only Editorial for iPad can do, thanks to the built in support for Python scripts.

This is just one example that I can't do on android. It's a lot more fiddling and takes a lot more time because you need to do so many manual steps.

So even if iOS is locked-down, it's far from limited.