I think it's for coming wearable devices: Apple Acquires Power Efficient LED Tech Company LuxVue


The company (LuxVue) develops low-power, micro-LED-based displays for consumer electronics. Because the company is working on mirco-LED displays, this could mean that the technology could be integrated into Apple’s hardware for better battery life and screen brightness. At Disrupt SF last year, KPCB partner John Doerr briefly talked about LuxVue’s technology, which he said had “a technical breakthrough in displays.”

This is interesting. I don't think that Apple will make their own displays for their iPhones, iPads or Mac's just yet though. Maybe in the future, but this could possibly be for wearable devices, where we need very long battery life. No one wants to charge their watch every day for example. I think Apple has a lot of surprises up their sleeves for many years still.