iPhone 6 waterproof? A comparison with HTC One M8 and iPhone 5s

There are more and more photos of iPhone 6 / iPhone Air plastic dummy prototypes. The photos below is from a Taiwanese website, and you can clearly see that the prototype is all plastic and very badly build. So of course the real iPhone 6 will look much nicer, but the interesting thing with all these dummies is that they all show about the same design, so the next iPhone will probably at least have the same size and form as these dummies.

What's interesting with these new photos though, is that they try to show that it's waterproof, and im not sure Apple will do that though, because that's a bit gimmicky. Other interesting photos is the comparison with both a iPhone 5S (dummy), and a HTC One M8. And compared to the iPhone 5S, it looks huge, but compared to the HTC One it looks small. To me that means that the size will be perfect. Still very easy to handle with one hand. Apple knows what they are doing. Of course.