It's fun to have the biggest Google+ Community about Apple :)

How to Use Google+ Communities for Business:

Some communities on Google+ are extremely active in their specific industry and are known as a feeder community. Since the participants and moderators are particularly active in these communities, content that is originally shared with them typically will start to trend across a large segment of Google+. This is attributable to how active the participants of these communities are, as well as the influential networks some Google+ users in these communities have, which at times is thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people who have them in their circles.

I started an Apple Community on Google+ that is now the biggest Apple community there. I moderate it as much as I can myself but I also have great help from the only moderator I have chosen except for me, +Storm Williams. One of the most important thing to succeed with a community is to moderate it very often so that the members can have a spam free experience, and no trolls. The last part is especially important in an Apple community on Google+.

My Apple community is very active, with a lot of new content to discuss daily, and with great discussions. I think many of the members sees the community as a way to be visible because they have a hard time building up a following crowd of their own, and that's fine by me, because communities is meant for engagement and interaction. It's not fun to post something that no one sees. In a community with a lot of members (soon 100,000) like mine, it will be viewed by a lot of users.

I think it's exciting to see how fast it grows, with thousands of new members every week. I think that is a sign that Google+ needs my community so that they can discuss Apple and all their great products without all the hate that Google+ is filled with. I think it's fun to own a community!

Please welcome to join, and on this page you can read more about it and see some of the categories we need more help with, both with posting content and posting comments. Welcome!