Samsung is planning to copy Apple and sapphire glass

Samsung looks to copy Apple again with Sapphire glass | Cult of Mac

Apple’s sapphire glass could be the biggest thing to hit the iPhone since Touch ID, and even though it hasn’t announced an iPhone 6 or iWatch with a Sapphire glass display yet, its chummy parasitic buddy Samsung is already looking for a way to copy. LG is also reportedly looking to adopt Sapphire glass with Samsung after watching Apple take the lead. A number of new manufacturers are making production more affordable, even though Apple has a headstart it’s possible both companies could be rocking Sapphire display phones as quickly and horribly executed as Samsung’s latest ripoff.

So Samsung will copy apple as usual, this time with sapphire glass even before Apple has launched a product with it. Copying based on rumors then. But they will of course wait for Apple to release a product first so that they doesn't have to bother with research and development. They are happy with pure plagiarism only. Great business method…