The iPad is not just for consuming, it's a mobile creation tool too - it can replace a computer for most people

Apple’s Expanded ‘Your Verse’ Campaign Pitches iPad As Mobile Creation Tool | TechCrunch:

Apple has released two new TV spots, along with companion sections on its website. The spots will continue its ‘Your Verse’ advertising, which attempts to demonstrate the ways that the iPad can be used to create and ‘do’. On a high level, the spots continue to be effective in presenting the iPad as a device that goes beyond passive activities like movies and browsing the web. Both segments highlight that real things can be accomplished on the tablet, in ways that contribute materially to the owner’s way of life.

I wish more people could see that the iPad is not just a content consuming device, it's excellent for creating content too. I'm glad that Apple has created these ads in the “Your Verse” campaign. Because maybe more people will finally see that now.

And as you may know by now, the iPad Air is my default environment now, I haven't used a computer for work or content creation in over 5 months now. Everything I need to do is possible to do on the iPad, and not just possible, it's even more effective, faster and more fun too!

I wish that more iPad users, and all the Android, and recently Chromebook fans too, could understand that the iPad is not just a tablet for consuming content, it's fully capable to replace a computer for most people. It's not so limited as these fans try to say it is, it's because they don't know what it is capable of, and what you can do with it, I can just mention URL Schemes that makes the share feature more advanced that for example the share menu in Android, the very powerful and professional Apps for video editing and music making, Apps for automated workflows through python scripts that you can create directly on the iPad, the support for AFP file share protocol support, Mesh Network support, and much more. These things makes the iPad special, these things makes it possible to do everything I need of a computer. And it also makes the iPad special compared to other tablets or chromebooks. The lack of great Apps makes these devices more limited than the iPad. And the great Apps makes it possible for most people to use the iPad for everything they use a computer for. And yes that includes content consuming too.

And not many of these other “fans”, knows that the iOS keyboard is very powerful and effective too, the keyboard shortcut support that syncs with all iOS devices and macs, means that you can create thousands of advanced shortcuts, like HTML snippets, links, marked up images, sentences, words and much more on your Mac, and they instantly shows up on your iPad and iPhone, ready to use. So for example when I type “leftapple”, it immediately expands an image of the Apple logo left aligned directly in the text I'm writing. Or if I type “,chromebook” it immediately expands the word chromebook fully linked and formatted to my blog category on that topic. And it's not only the shortcuts that makes the iOS keyboard powerful, the auto correction and auto suggestion for up to four words makes it great too. That not many knows is that you should just keep typing when you are typing wrong words, the keyboard learns what you want to type and changes to the right words up to four words later.

To me the iPad is a computer, a new modern computer for the future, and I'm happy that I'm already using it.