This is brilliant: Will Apple's EarPods Track Your Health?

Christina Warren:

According to the latest rumor on the anonymous sharing app Secret, a future version of Apple's EarPods will include sensors to measure heart rate and blood pressure. The rumor further claims that the new EarPods will act as a gateway product for a future Apple wearable, likely known as the iWatch. Apparently the earphones will feature a redesigned remote and a microphone with better noise cancellation. The new EarPods are also said to include iBeacon sensors to help prevent them from getting lost.

This is brilliant. Something that only Apple can make right. This will mean that these new Apple EarBuds will work with the iPhone 5S thanks to the M7 co-processor, the iPad Air and the latest iPad mini, the coming iPhone 6 of course, and probably a new iPod Touch and the rumored iWatch.

We have already seen an Apple patent where Apple adds sensors to the Earbuds, so this is definitely coming.

It would mean that we will get a new kind of wearable device that we haven't thought of before, headphones that we always use when doing fitness. At least most people do. Its probably why Nike stop making the fuelband, it will simply move into the new Apple EarBuds. I definitely rather where these Earbuds over the Fuelband, or Google Glass for that matter..

The future is soon here. I can hardly wait.