Wow! Editorial 1.1 is finally here! Now also available for iPhone! This is the app that I wish was available for computers, that's how good it is

I say just wow! The incredible app Editorial has got an update to version 1.1 today. And it should apparently be a universal app now, so that it will be available on iPhone too, but that doesn't seem to work for me. I have updated the iPad version now, but it seems that I have to pay for the iPhone version too? But maybe I need to do that, and it's only universal for new users?

Anyways, this is the app I've been talking about. It's worth buying an iPad for, and it's an app that I wished were available for computers. That's how good it is. Nothing comes even near it on Android.

It has changed how I write and blog. By learning to create your own advanced workflows using Python directly in the Editorial app, only your imagination sets the limit for what Editorial can do for you. With the automated workflows you can create rich documents filled with links, images, formatting without leaving the app or lifting your fingers from the keyboard. It's just awesome.

Scriptable with Python

You can make use of a full Python interpreter in your workflows. Editorial comes with tons of modules for processing text, images, or even data from web APIs, and you also have scripting access to the editor itself from Python. Scripts can be integrated in workflows, but there's also an interactive prompt and a scratchpad for quick one-off scripts.

UI Editor New in 1.1

If you really want to push the limits of workflow automation, you can now build your own user interfaces right within the app — with or without knowing Python.

I will both blog and do videos about Editorial a lot now after this update, that's for sure. It's worth every penny.

What's New in Editorial 1.1:

  • Complete UI overhaul for iOS 7.
  • Editorial is now a universal app for iPad and iPhone.
  • HTML can be copied or emailed directly from the preview panel.
  • When renaming documents or workflows, tapping away now confirms the new name, instead of canceling.
  • The documentation search includes workflow actions and general help pages now.
  • Headers in the HTML preview no longer require a space after the # symbol.
  • Documents in Dropbox can now be shared directly from the editor (tap on the name, then on the Dropbox icon to share a link, or to view older versions).
  • Improved in-document search with an option to replace all occurrences.
  • Tapping and holding a workflow bookmark in the bookmarks bar (iPad only) now shows an option to edit the workflow directly.
  • There’s a new mode for .taskpaper files with a couple of features that are useful for ToDo lists:
  • Syntax highlighting for projects and tags
  • Checkboxes for marking tasks as done with one tap (iPad only)
  • Tasks can be rearranged via drag’n’drop (on the right margin)
  • Tags can be mapped to color labels in the settings
  • Improved behavior of the tab key for writing lists (the tab key now always indents list items, even when the cursor is not at the start of the line)
  • Improved support for (hardware) keyboard shortcuts – you can also assign custom keyboard shortcuts to workflows. The following shortcuts are built-in:
  • Cmd+J – Toggle between accessories panel and editor
  • Cmd+F – Toggle in-editor search
  • Cmd+G / Cmd+Shift+G – Show prev./next search result in editor
  • Cmd+O – Reveal file browser
  • Cmd+Shift+P – Open the workflow list with focus on the search field
  • Improved syntax highlighting for multi-paragraph block quotes.
  • The in-app browser now uses a combined search/URL field.
  • Tapping and holding the workflows (“wrench”) button now focusses on the search field, so you can filter the list immediately.
  • Filtering the workflow list now uses “fuzzy” matching for titles (e.g. “cat” would match “Copy All Text”…).
  • Pressing return in the workflow search field will now run the first workflow in the filtered list.