Android silver could be both good and bad for Androids future

Dear Google: don't screw up Android:

It may be damning with faint praise, but Android's never felt as cohesive and consistent as it does today. Whether you buy a Vertu, a Moto, or a Sony phone, the basic user experience, performance, and features are similar enough to make them all feel like part of the same software family. Now Google’s about to resume its old habit of additive innovation and, if that innovation’s any good, disruption to the status quo should be expected. Current phones won’t slow down and functionality won’t be reduced, but the perception of a fragmented Android landscape could arise again. The tricky task for Google is to figure out how to keep moving forward without leaving anyone behind.

Well the coming Android Silver is both good and bad. It's good that they want high end phones running near pure Android, but at the same time it could raise the Android fragmentation again.