Apple can make the smartwatch go mainstream with the iWatch

With Multiple iWatch Designs And A Host Of Sensors, Apple Could Win Over Smartwatch Skeptics

TechCrunch | Darrell Etherington

The fact is that no one yet has managed to create a smartwatch that has mass appeal, and design has a lot to do with that. A wristworn computer is very different to a smartphone or laptop, because it’s something you’re expected to have on you, in plain sight, touching your skin for all-day wear. Creating something that succeeds based on those parameters, for a range of potential customers that’s gender- and age-inclusive is no small task.

I think Apple is the only company capable of making a smart watch with mass appeal. They can make the smartwatch go mainstream. I'm sure if Apple release an iWatch it will both have an incredible build quality and user experience. They will do as they did with both the iPhone and iPad, they will release a product that people want. And I'm sure it won't be as smartwatches is today, it will not be just a watch that can only do things that a smartphone already does.