Apple cuts prices on Mac mini, iMac and Apple TV

Apple TV price drops by as much as $30 in the UK & Europe, Mac mini also sees cuts:

Consumers in the U.K. can now purchase an Apple TV for just €79 ($134), a €20 ($34) drop from its previous €99 ($168) price point. The cost of standard-model iMacs has been cut by between €100 ($169) and €200 ($339), depending on the configuration, while the top-end consumer Mac mini has been made €20 more affordable.

Nice, I don't use computers anymore, my iPad Air has replaced it. So my high end 11-inch MacBook Air is always connected to my 40-inch HDTV and is only used as a media center now to watch movies and streaming videos. So the next time I have to buy a computer again1, I will definitely choose a Mac Mini. It's like it's made for my need of a computer.

  1. For example when the MacBook Air gets too old so that it can't play movies without jerkiness. Or if it simply will not work anymore.