GoodTask is my GTD system of choice on iOS

GoodTask for iOS (and Mac) is my new GTD1 system of choice. I like it even more than OmniFocus, so I have decided to use that now. GoodTask is based on Apple's Reminders, so that makes it even better. It also can sync with Microsoft Exchange Tasks2 thanks to that.

One of best things I like with GoodTask is the support for URL Schemes, because that means that I can create bookmarklets, Drafts Actions and Editorial Workflows. So I have created some really useful Drafts actions that makes it so easy to add tasks and todos to a specific time of the day or a date. So I can chose to send a task to this evening, or early next morning by just typing and hit a button. It instantly adds it to Apple Reminders and shows up in GoodTask. Then it will notify me on that specific time of day or date. Really fast and effective. That's one of the best things with URL Schemes, you can extend the Apps by creating things how you want them. It also makes sharing so easy. Way better than the static share menu Android has for example.

I haven't learned the new UI editor in Editorial yet, but when I have I can do beautiful and useful menu popups to add thoughts and tasks to GoodTask without leaving Editorial.

Another thing that's great with GoodTask is the day, week and month view that you can filter to show exactly the things you want. I like it a lot. My day view only shows the things I've planned to do today, both my reminders and calendars. Nothing else. Not tasks without dates or no someday/maybe. So it's a great today view for me. So I always have GoodTask day view open so I can easily swipe to it to see what I should do today. Beats any Android widget I've tried. I prefer having full Apps over widgets.

I also like that the notifications comes from Apples Reminders and not GoodTask itself, and that it shows up in the notifications menu thanks to that.

GoodTask is so good so I don't need calendars anymore, and it's more effective than any calendar, it's so easy to just long press on a task and change the time or day.

Here is some of the features that makes GoodTask special to me


Reminders has been always great but it is limited to simple usage. We wanted to make it powerful and gorgeous by using the data effectively for the users that love Reminders.


Tasks can be done anytime but it gets done easily if you have set the due time. With GoodTask, you can easily set due dates and keep your tasks on certain dates.


There are things that need to be done on 1st Sundays or 20th day of each month. You can fully customize your tasks with your own recurrence rule.


GoodTask is a powerful Reminders client but it also shows calendar events. See your schedule at a glance and check your tasks immediately.


GoodTask tries best to give you comfort when you're checking your tasks. You can set night mode to change automatically when it gets dark. In every way, we tried to make gorgeous design experience.


GoodTask provides powerful url scheme to let you add tasks through other apps such as Launch Center Pro and Drafts. Easily add customized Reminders through URL Scheme.


Tasks you've done during busy days are all stored in Reminders. Look through them easily and see what you have done in day/week/month timeframe.


Repeating tasks helps you make great habits. With GoodTask, you can check how your repeating tasks has been done. You can also leave numbers for your tasks that will let you check how you've been doing in just a tap.

I can highly recommend GoodTask, it's a universal app, so get it here.

  1. GTD means “Getting Things Done” and it's a kind of task management system, but also a lifestyle really. It's a way of living and think to get more stuff done. You simply get more effective. There is a lot of books, videos and more on the subject. 

  2. I need the Microsoft Exchange syncing of tasks because I am forced to use Windows and Microsoft Office at my day work as a project manager. 

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