Google does as Apple, will announce Google Fit to not be left behind

Google will reportedly announce “Google Fit,” a health data service, later this month

jkOnTheRun | Kif Leswing

Google will launch a health-based service called “Google Fit” later this month at its annual I/O developers conference, according to an article published in Forbes on Thursday. The service will collect data from a variety of fitness trackers and apps — which sounds a lot like a competitor to HealthKit, the service Apple announced last week at WWDC.

Ok, so only because Apple has announced fitness features for iOS Google does the same. The fandroids often says that Apple has copied features in iOS 8, but this is proof that the same goes for Google. Not that I didn't already now that though.. Android is made out of iOS, Eric Schmidt was kicked out from the Apple board because of that.

Copying is the new innovation.