If the new Instant Hotspot feature in iOS 8 is as good as it sounds maybe I just buy an iPad without LTE next time?

Apple - iOS 8 - Continuity:

If you’re out of Wi-Fi range, your iPad or Mac can connect to your phone’s personal hotspot when your iPhone is close by.* With the new Instant Hotspot feature, you’ll see the name of your iPhone in the list of Wi-Fi networks in Settings on your iPad and in the Wi-Fi menu on your Mac. Just select it and you’re connected. And when you’re not using your phone’s network, your devices intelligently disconnect to save battery life.

This will also be very useful. Yes I know we have had Personal Hotspots for quite some time already, but this new Instant Hotspot feature sounds very interesting. If it works as good as it sounds, maybe I don't have to buy a LTE iPad next time? It would save some money both on buying the iPad and on having only one mobile data plan again. It will be very exciting to try how good this will work when it's ready!

And with this great continuity feature built in maybe I should buy the iPad mini without. LTE next time instead? Because then I don't have to take out my iPhone at all anymore, because I can use the mini as a phone / phablet.