I'm back on RSS again, all thanks to the incredible iOS apps

I am now back using RSS again. All thanks to the incredible iPad app Mr. Reader. The incredible with Mr. Reader is that it supports very advanced URL schemes that makes it possible to almost create a full blog post directly in the RSS Reader and then send it to your favorite app to add your own comment to it before you publish it on your blog. Very, very cool. It has changed everything for me again. So now I find my news in the RSS reader Mr. reader, then I mark the content I want to quote and use in my blog post, and then choose my programmed action that sends it to my favorite app Editorial where I add my thoughts and opinions about it. Then I just publish it when done. Incredible fast and effective way to blog.

With Mr. Reader you can create your own advanced share menu exactly as you want it, and share the content exactly how you want it, to the app you want. Very useful. Works perfectly fine together with Editorials automated workflows programmed with Python scripts.

Unfortunately isn't Mr. Reader available for iPhone, so I had to find the most advanced RSS Reader for the iPhone that supports Feedly so that my feed reading syncs with Mr. Reader on the iPad.

And today I found that iPhone RSS Reader app. It's called Unread and you can't do your own URL Schemes actions in it unfortunately, but you can share content to Drafts and there make an automated action that formats and sends the content forward to Editorial without you have to do anything.

So now I'm back on RSS reading to find my news, I never thought I would go back, but the awesome iOS Apps made me do it.