iPhone 6 dummy compared to android phablets - I've a hard time believing that Apple will do such huge iPhone with so much bezels

5.5-Inch iPhone 6 mockup compared to iPhone 5s and other Android phablets (Video) | 9to5Mac

The main problem with this 5.5-inch dummy is that everything around the display is too big. I’m not talking about iOS though. These mockups just appear as if an iPhone 5s was put into Photoshop and proportionately enlarged. If Apple wants to make a sleek phablet, we need to do something about the spacing found on the top and bottom bezel.

Totally agree on this. That's why I'm very skeptical about the 5.5-inch iPhone 6. I have a hard time believing that Apple will make such huge iPhone that is designed with so much bezels. Something smells wrong here. Maybe it's not meant to be an iPhone? Maybe it's the iPod Touch 6? Or maybe an iPad mini mini? Who knows, but personally I don't believe that Apple would do a 5.5-inch iPhone with so much wasted space. They are pros on user experience and this is against all that.

Here is a comparison video: