Linkblog: Android 5.0 gets ART as default and Apple Maps gets beautiful flyovers in iOS 8


Hidden 'City Tours' Flyover Feature for iOS 8 Maps Discovered in Beta 2:

One of the many new features coming in iOS 8 that Apple did not directly address during its Worldwide Developers Conference is “Flyover city tours”. The feature is not currently available by default to those running iOS 8 betas, but developer Pierre Blasquez has discovered how to unlock Flyover city tours.

Looks really cool. I think we will see a lot of stuff in iOS 8 on the iPhone event in September that they didn't show us on WWDC. They always do.


A hugely important new Android 5.0 feature has been confirmed:

Xda-developers has discovered that commits made to the AOSP master branch on Wednesday night show that Dalvik will be replaced with ART as default.

I have personally never used ART but they say that the battery life and performance is better on it.