Linkblog: Apple has even accelerated with Tim Cook, exciting times ahead and more tech (this post updates until the end of day)


Ive says ‘I don’t think anything changed’ in new report on Cook’s leadership:

The New York Times has published a new report that largely reaffirms what countless observers have said before. In comparison to Jobs, Cook is less connected to the “minutiae” of product development, instead preferring to delegate to his other executives to lead design. This does not mean Cook is not involved at all. Interestingly, the profile says Cook himself pushed the iPad mini project to release.

Personally I think Apple even has accelerated since Tim Cook took over. There is a lot of interesting things happening.


Apple Does a 180 with the iWatch in a Whirlwind 6 Months:

The launch of the iWatch will be a blockbuster by all reasonable metrics. That said, it will still have a modest effect on Apple’s bottom line. At a price less than half the average selling price of the iPhone — and a fraction that of Apple’s Macintosh computers — with significantly lower sales volumes, the iWatch might boost Apple’s earnings by 5-10% in the coming year.

I'm sure if Apple will release an iWatch it will be a huge success because they will make it right, with an excellent user experience. As they always do. If they can't bring us the perfect user experience, they won't do it.


Twitter puts tweets inside your tweets on iOS and Android:

The latest version gives you the option to embed tweets in your tweets (credit Xzibit or Inception), so long as you're using either an iOS or an Android device. Take note, though, that embedding's a bit more troublesome than straight out retweeting. You'll have to copy the link to someone's tweet and then paste it into your Twitter app's text box (on a phone or a tablet, which means exerting double the effort).

I'm sure twitter will make it easier when done testing. Copying a link and then pasting it into a new tweet is too much hassle. It's easier to ReTweet.


Foxconn Looking to Secure Orders for iPhone and iPad Displays with Sharp Partnership [iOS Blog]:

While Foxconn has long been the primary assembler for Apple's devices, a further collaboration with Sharp would mean that the company could begin to secure display orders for the iPhone and iPad, perhaps reducing Apple's reliance on rival Samsung as a primary display supplier. An enhanced collaboration would also help further speed and streamline the development and adaption of new technologies into Apple's products.

I've heard that Sharp display panels are not so good though… I rather have LG's IPS displays, they are the best I've seen.


New report claims Apple will charge $100 premium for larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6:

In a research note to investors, McCourt said he is confident Apple will charge a $100 more for the 5.5-inch version of its new smartphone, citing higher-priced components and more complex production processes as reasons for the bump…

Of course it will be more expensive than the 4.7-inch, what did you think? It can't have the same price. It's the same with the iPad mini and the iPad Air.


Textilus Goes 5.0 With New Ink Notes, Bluetooth Stylus Support And More:

Textilus, the powerful word processor for iPad developed by Knowtilus, has just been updated to version 5.0 with a number of new features and improvements.

Last April, Textilus was updated to version 4.0 with full PDF document support with a new PDF document reader and processor.

Now, Textilus’ PDF support has been enhanced through its 5.0 update. For one thing, the update brings the ability to merge multiple PDFs into one. For another, it adds the ability to preview Excel and PowerPoint documents and optionally convert them to PDF for easier annotation.

Another iPad app that looks really nice and useful. Textilus is a full scaled word processor though, personally I prefer Markdown editors. But check it out, looks great.


“A video posted to YouTube on Sunday, allegedly reveals some of the specs for the 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch Apple iPhone 6 models.”

From “Apple iPhone 6 specs leak on video?”

So the video in the post above should show the specs of the coming iPhone 6. Anyone can make such a video though, so personally I think this is fake.


Will Apple's next iPad have a smart cover that can show you messages even when it is closed? | Mail Online:

Apple is developing a 'smart' iPad cover that can show emails and other notifications even when the iPad is switched off. Patents reveal the new cover could include low power LEDs and other screen technologies to avoid draining the battery. Another design also shows transparent sections int he case, allowing the display to be seen.

Interesting, but I'm not so careful with my smartcover so how durable will this be? I guess not so much. I am not sure we will see this in reality. Not all patents are released.