Linkblog: Samsung has released 16 tablets in 18 months. Really? And Samsung buys Nuance that made Siri and other news


Calendar Alarm Launches CalAlarm 2 App for iPhone:

CalAlarm adds a local notification with sound to calendar alerts, that can be Snoozed or Moved instantly with the interval required at that moment. This Snooze & Move screen comes up when starting the app from Lock screen, Notification Center or Overdue list (the last is found in the app). The Snooze & Move screen displays preset values that can be customized. As also the option to let 1, 3, or 5 Snooze screens come up on starting the app. The Nag option alerts every minute or hour till the alert is acknowledged. 

Looks like a nice app. Calendars usually is a bit awkward to use for tasks and such, but with this snooze and move feature that the app CalAlarm has makes it a bit better to use.


iPad vs. Samsung tablets visualized:

So why isn't Samsung dominating Apple in tablet sales? Well, if I were in the market for a new tablet and was considering Samsung's hardware, my first question would be: How could anyone possibly choose?

This is just ridiculous, Samsung has released 16 tablets in 18 months? Hilarious.. Apple has released two and still dominates and will for a very long time.


Facebook Paper App Updated With Numerous New Features:

A few months back Facebook unveiled Paper. Available only on the iPhone for now the app has received a lot of praise for its simple yet immersive design. It allows users to follow their interests on the move by featuring stories and creating themed sections based on a wide variety of topics. It may have looked like a news reader but today’s update takes it one step further. It adds a “Trending” section to the application that brings those stories and photos front and center that have generated the most buzz on Facebook.

Still not available in the Swedish AppStore… Really strange,if Facebook wants more users of this app, why not release it world wide? Quite stupid really.


Apple partner Nuance exploring sale, reportedly in talks with Samsung:

Nuance Communications, the voice recognition company whose technology helps to power Apple's Siri personal assistant, is said to be exploring a sale of the company, with Apple rival Samsung allegedly a potential suitor.

Will Samsung use if for the really bad S-voice feature or for their Tizen platform? Probably for the Tizen platform they will use instead of android in a near future.