Linkblog: Twitter finally supports GIF's, Apple TV will probably get the Continuity feature & more tech news from today


Garmin launches Víago app with turn-by-turn navigation, lane assist, offline maps and more:

GPS navigation giant Garmin has released a new consumer navigation app in the App Store which seeks to offer a reasonable tradeoff between basic features and more advanced stuff found in significantly more expensive navigation software for the iPhone.

Nice, but I can't see how this would be better than Apple Maps and Google Maps navigation? I have the very advanced Navigon mobile navigator that is quite expensive, but not even that is much better than Apple Maps or Google Maps. Nice as an option though.


Apple TV likely to gain Continuity this fall, allowing tighter integration with Mac & iOS | 9to5Mac:

Instead of needing to use AirPlay, Continuity and Handoff could technically allow a person to begin watching a movie on their iPad or iPhone, walk into their house, and that content will immediately and automatically begin playing on the Apple TV instead. Differentiating from AirPlay, there is no streaming from the iOS device involved and the process requires little to no user input. The content, instead, could be streamed to the Apple TV from the user’s iTunes in the Cloud account.

Interesting, this will probably be a very useful feature for Apple TV users. Could be even easier than AirPlay.


Waze updated for Android and iOS with a new UI and enhanced location sharing features:

Google-owned, social navigation app Waze for Android and iOS has been updated today. Version 3.8 introduces a cluster of new features, including friends via contacts, which lets you sync your phone’s contact list with your Waze friends, keeping you connected when heading to the same destination. Also new is the ability to send your current location to friends.

Waze was my favorite navigation app before, it's great for crowd sourced navigation help, but the real visual navigation is actually worse than Apple Maps or a Google Maps.


Twitter now supports GIFs:

GIFs have finally come to Twitter. On Twitter's website as well as its iOS and Android apps, you'll be able to watch a GIF in your timeline by clicking a play button that shows up over top of them.

Finally. It has been quite annoying that the GIF's I've shared from Google+ hasn't been animated on Twitter. Now they will be.


“In terms of specs, the Fire Phone is rocking a quad-core 2.2GHz processor, Adreno 330 graphics, and 2GB of RAM. It’s also got a 13MP camera on the back. The screen is a 4.7-inch IPS LCD HD panel.”

From “Amazon officially unveils much rumored 3D Fire Phone” - 9to5Google

So Amazon finally announces their much rumored Fire Phone. Looks quite simple but with good specs. It will be interesting to see the Eco system for this phone.


iPhone 6 likely to sport barometer & air pressure sensors to measure altitude, weather | 9to5Mac:

Besides a larger display and redesigned metal body, details regarding which features the next-generation iPhone models will pack have been light. However, it appears that the new models could include a new sensor: a barometer.

This is really interesting. I believe the iPhone 6 will be filled with sensors. And the sensors will be built in to the new M8 co-processor that is a big update to the M7. Interesting times ahead!