Pretty clever and interesting thoughts on that the new iOS 8 features is like they were made for an iWatch

iOS 8: iWatch features detailed in new report | BGR:

In his piece, Gurman explores how iOS 8′s new notifications center widgets could be used as a quick way to access “mini” apps on a smartwatch; how quicker access to your favorite and most recent contacts will make it easier to make phone calls with your smartwatch; how improved voice-enabled note taking capabilities will let you send off quick messages from your watch; how improved search functionality will make it easier to find the information you need right on your wrist; how new built-in technology will make it easier for a smartwatch to hand off between phone calls and text messages; and how the iWatch might integrate deeply with HealthKit and Health App.

Pretty interesting and clever thoughts. I'll agree that most of the new features that Apple presented on the WWDC 2014 keynote could be easy to use on an iWatch too. Like the new cool audio SMS feature for example.

This makes me actually believe in an iWatch again.