Samsung are Insane, releasing new tablets. Again. It's not quantity that counts, it's quality...

Samsung insanity: Can anyone actually tell all these tablets apart?

The Loop | Shawn King

Don't rub your eyes, gang: You aren't suffering from a case of Groundhog Day-like déjà vu. Samsung actually just announced new tablets for 2014 – yup, yet again.

The new tablets sit within a dizzying and often-overlapping device lineup that's getting damn-near impossible for anyone other than Rain Man to navigate.

Choice is beneficial only when it means something. Flooding consumers with a billion overlapping variations of the same basic concept does little more than cause confusion and dilute your brand.

Put another way, when faced with that menagerie of confusingly named and difficult to distinguish options, what's a typical consumer going to do? You guessed it: Buy an iPad.

Yes totally agree on this. It's insane! Samsung makes it all wrong. It's not quantity that counts, it's quality… It's one reason why people buy the iPad instead..