Sapphire glass could be an advantage for Apple against the competition

Report: Apple Will Have Enough Sapphire For Both iPhone 6 Models and the iWatch

What does G stand for ? Gadgets and Games, obviously. | Mihai Matei

a new report now suggests that Apple will have enough sapphire for both iPhone 6 models, as well as the iWatch. Supposedly, GT Advanced Technologies is now waiting for the final payment from Apple, which will allow the company to speed up the building process of its Mesa facility. Supposedly, GTAT has installed more than 2,500 furnaces, and the facility is capable of working with sapphire boulders that would weigh between 200 and 235 kilograms.

Interesting. Because manufacturing sapphire glass is very costly, this could be a way for Apple to differentiate them self from the competition that won't be able to manufacture sapphire glass. So if the new iPhone 6 would have sapphire glass it could be a good selling point.