Timberman- The next Flappy Birds?

I first started playing Timberman when it was recommended to me at the Android Gaming Hub community on G+ (click here to go to it) where I am one of the mods, and on my first attempt I didn't really get the game, but I have to admit that the game has really grown on me and it is now one of my favourite casual games.

In Timberman you chop the wood and have to avoid the branches of the trees doing so. This works on the principle that there are branches and you have to tap on either side, and you get a point for every tap. Although it may sound simple, there is a time limit and this is harder and harder as the level progresses as the time runs out quicker. With 8 Bit Graphics this has easily got to be one of the best retro games that I have played. As you get a higher and higher high score, you can unlock new characters. Every two time you play the background also changes according to the season as well. My best score so far is 575, can you beat that?

So here are the pro's and cons:


+ Like the 8-bit graphics
+ Google Play games integration
+ Unlockable characters
+ Very addictive
+ Easy to pick up and play


- Someone has managed to hack the leaderboards
- Sometimes the game randomly glitches and you start again at 0 (but this only happened around 3 times out of 100)
- Doesn't work on ART (Android Run Time)

You can pick up the Android version by Digital Melody here