What Apple presented on WWDC 2014 was more impressive than any new hardware, it puts Android back to the Stone Age

Apples WWDC keynote yesterday was one of the most impressive I've seen. What they presented there is way bigger and more impressive than any new hardware.

The features they presented was overwhelming, it will take months to take all in. This is so huge. With all the new APIs available and the possibilities that brings to the developers, will make even the already awesome apps even greater. There simply is no limitations, and still with full security. Just brilliant.

As usual Apple has done everything right at the right time.

I can already imagine how Apps will interact with each other, share data seamlessly with each other, and make workflows even more powerful and easier. The new extensibility feature will make the impossible possible.

Also the new continuity feature where we can start working on macs and by just a swipe up gesture on your iPad or iPhone continue working exactly where you left off on your Mac seamlessly is amazing. iOS and OS X is actually unified now. Just amazing.

And the new iCloud features makes it exactly how I wanted a file system to work. Now all devices even macs shares data with each other seamlessly via iCloud. This will bring new possibilities for the user. And the iCloud Drive makes both Dropbox and Google Drive look stone age. Totally integrated into the OS'es. Video editing for example will now be much simpler to work with on all devices thanks to the seamless sync with iCloud. Start by recording video on the iPhone, pick up the iPad to start video editing it, do the finishing edits on your Mac at home, all seamlessly with just opening the app and continue to work. No manual file transfers.

To me all these new amazing things puts Android back to the Stone Age.