Yes I'll admit that it would be great with some kind of access to a file system on the iPad

My year of the iPad, six months in — Tech News and Analysis:

Where the wheels fall of the bus is anything that requires either access to a file system. I can’t upload images to a Gigaom post on my iPad. If I create a book in Word and want to publish it, I can’t get the file to Kindle Publishing or the iBookstore. What I would love to see Apple release is an iBooks Author for the iPad. Since GarageBand and iMovie are available on the iPad, I’d be surprised if iBooks Author doesn’t make an appearance.

Well, I don't have any problems with uploading images from my iPad to my blog It uses googles blogger service and I can either upload images to Google+, Picasa or directly in the editor window on No problem at all. I'll agree though, that iOS needs some kind of file system or at least sharing of data between Apps (and maybe between devices through iCloud). Hopefully we will see some changes when it comes to the iOS files system today on the WWDC 2014 keynote.