Yes the iPad Air 2 is definitely worth waiting for

Is the 2nd gen iPad Air worth waiting for?

Appletell | Charles Moore

Specification-wise, Electronic News isn’t predicting anything revolutionary. After all, the iPad Air is still in its first revision since a major redesign last year, and the iPad mini is only in its second iteration ever. However, an A8 64-bit SoC is expected to offer a speed bump along with lower power consumption, plus upgrades to 8 megapixel rear-facing and 1.5 MP FaceTime camera modules. That makes it worth waiting another two or three months for, at least for me.

Yes definitely. I really hope it will have more RAM, I need that badly. As you may know, the iPad Air has replaced computers for me and I have been using it exclusively for 6 months now, and when I do all the advanced work I do with it, it often reloads Apps and web pages because it's out if RAM. The other thing I really would like to have is Apples excellent TouchID.

But I can't decide if I should buy the iPad mini or the air this year though… Really hard to decide.