AcDisplay- The best lockscreen? (Android app)

When I purchased the Moto G, I was very jealous of the Moto X's Active Display and was on the hunt for an app that could do the same for me and when going through the Play Store I found AcDisplay.

The app itself is very simple to set up, just allow it to turn your screen off and access your notifications and then you can be up and running.

If you are worried about wasting battery whenever you get a notification the screen turns on then you can set an x amount of time the screen will automatically turn off if you don't interact with it. This I found particularly useful for me because in school most of the day I have my phone in my blazer pocket or in my bag.

Whenever you get a notification, the screen of your phone automatically turns on and gently flashes the notification. From here you can either dismiss it by swiping on it or by tapping on it you can go to the app that has that notification. A blurred picture of the notification (as you can see from the picture on the right) is shown in the background. In this case, a clock is shown because that was the first screenshot I took.

As mentioned above, you can choose to customize your AcDisplay experience. I liked AcDisplay so much that I decided to set it as my default lockscreen, with just a simple swipe required to unlock the phone from anywhere. Because I have a flip case, setting it as my default lockscreen helps so whenever I flip the case opens it immediately goes onto the screen and I can see any notifiacations that I have. That said, the app is more useful if you don't have a flip case and you just lay your phone down and then just glance down to see any of the notifications that are coming in.


+ Easy to set up
+ No decrease in battery life
+ Great customizability options
+ Options to set it as default lockscreen
+ Gyroscope detection option (e.g. when you pull your phone out of your pocket and pick it up, the screen automatically turns on for a few brief seconds and shows you any notifications if you have any notifications)


- Gyroscope detection won't work on some phones (like my Moto G), wish there was a setting for Accelerometer use
- Random glitch- If you choose to have it as your default lockscreen, it sometimes glitches and reverts back to your old lockscreen and then randomly pops back up again when your in an app

Overall? I find this app to be one of the best Android apps and a must have for me. You can pick up AcDisplay by +Artem Chepurnoy on the Google Play Store by clicking here.