Apple is secretly working with a fuel-cell company to make better batteries

Intelligent Energy

Apple Working With Intelligent Energy For Better Batteries - Business Insider

Apple is rumored to be working with Intelligent Energy, a fuel-cell firm that could enable Apple's devices to last “days or even weeks,” according to a Daily Mail report.

“Our technology can be sized to suit your requirements and designed to power anything from a laptop to a mobile phone,” says one of its websites.

This is very, very interesting. I hope Apple is working with full secrecy with them so that no one can steal this idea and technology from them. I'm sure Apple will patent a lot of the technology when they have come longer in the development, and who knows maybe they buy the whole Intelligent Energy company? I hope they do because this will revolutionize the whole industry.

I'm sure we already this year will see better battery life in the iPhone 6. Apple made the MacBook Air have an incredible battery life two years ago that no one still can't compete with. This year it's time for the iPhone to get better battery life. I can feel it. But it will not be this new breaking technology just yet.