Apple iWatch will be a premium "must have" device way ahead of the competition


That we haven't seen any leaks what's so ever of the rumored Apple iWatch is to me quite strong proof that we will see a completely new product category launched by Apple this year. That has been developed with big secrecy and heavy security precautions.

We have seen the new iPhones and iPads leaked a lot but nothing about the iWatch. Apple want this new product category to be as secret as possible to be able to surprise and excite us as much as possible.

And now when Apple has hired an Tag Heuer executive I think we will see a real premium and exclusive new product that will be a merge of a smartband and an luxurious watch with a lot of sensors to measure everything. And of course with all the excellent new iOS 8 features like the Handoff and Continuity feature. It will have the best user experience on the market and will take Apple way ahead of the competition. It will make this product category go mainstream exactly as they did with the smartphone and the tablet. And then everybody else will copy them and try to do the same popular device but it will be hard for them to get the same user experience because this product Apple has planned to do for years and adjusted iOS and added features for this product category during a long time. That's one reason why they will be way ahead of the competition. Specs isn't all, the user experience and Eco system is a lot more important. That's what a lot of Android users doesn't understand.

I'm sure Apple will succeed with surprise and excite us with this device. It feels already as a must buy even when it still is just a rumor.