Facets, the best Android wallpaper client?

Facets - screenshot
See, I am a bit of a sucker for wallpaper apps. Although you can easily customize android through a variety of methods such as: changing the launcher, changing the icon pack etc... but changing the wallpaper is one of the most basic thing you can change to your phone and have an almost completely different homescreen look and feel.

I first heard about Facets by +Depthcore Collective on
Facets - screenshot
+AllAboutAndroid. At first, I was a bit reserved to buying this app, particularly when you can get things like Zedge that has a ton of wallpapers for free and even Simple Desktops online and you can download and apply the wallpaper to your Android phone and make it look really nice and minimalistic. However, as I saw the screenshots on the Google Play Store and read about the reviews I decided to quickly change my mind and bought the app for a measly $0.99, and I certainly don't regret making that decision!

There is a great selection of wallpapers available for 365 days ranging from 2013 to 2014 and they cover a wide range of different wallpapers. I prefer the more minimalistic wallpapers, however you may prefer the more detailed pieces of artwork. Overall, there are wallpapers to satisfy and cater for your every needs. Oh, and if you have an A MOLED screen and are looking to save more battery, then there are a lot of dark/black background wallpapers with a bit of design as well to help it stand out.

+ Great selection of beautiful wallpapers
+ Muzei Support (which I personally love using because it gives a great blurred effect plus it mixes it up the wallpapers nicely)
+ Ability to sort by: Concept, Mood and Date/Time
+ Ability to download the image

- Got charged twice for the app (but managed to get a refund for the second time thanks to the friendly developer)
-Only 365, wish there were more (wouldn't mind purchasing!)

I strongly suggest that you pick up Facets on the Google Play Store by clicking here