Here is some photos of a working Chinese iPhone 6 clone!

iPhone 6 vs Galaxy

The French website Nowhereelse has got there hands on some interesting photos of a working Chinese iPhone 6 clone!

Please note though, that the iPhone 6 still doesn't have to look like this and it will of course be much better built. This is a Chinese clone based on the leaked fake prototypes that we have seen. Nothing else.

Interesting to see is that the Apple logo is designed exactly as I've said a long time now, the same as on the iPads. A cutout Apple in some rubber material. Of course no glowing Apple as some people has thought.. Oh and the antenna lines looks much better now together with the Apple logo in the same color. But I don't think the camera will be designed as in these photos.. Looks very ugly.

And by the way, the size looks perfect! :) And do someone know what crappy Samsung Galaxy device that is on some of the pictures? Galaxy S3?

Check the iPhone 6 clone photos out below:

S3 vs iPhone 6 iPhone 6 front iPhone 6 back iPhone 6 apple logo iPhone 6 antenna lines iPhone 6 strange camera