It's obvious that Samsung are making the Galaxy S5 Alpha (Galaxy F) to try to compete with the rumored iPhone 6

Samsung galaxy s5 F

Report: Galaxy S5 Alpha (Galaxy F) to come with a 4.7'' display and a 6 mm-thick, metal body - - Latest News and Articles |

Indeed, the device is now said to have a 6 mm-slim metal body, which is an interesting twist from what we know so far. Also interesting is the suggested, 4.7'' screen diagonal, especially since we were expecting something along the lines of 5.1'' to 5.25''. Lastly, the device is said to come packing an Exynos 5 Octa processor, and not a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 as we were expecting.

It's obvious that Samsung is doing this phone to try to compete with the rumored slim iPhone 6. That's why they going back to 4.7-inch again, and tries to make it even slimmer than the iPhone 6. Kinda silly really.

It doesn't matter really, it won't have a chance anyway. iPhone 6 will have so many innovative features that is not just gimmicky as Samsungs always are.