Kinomatic - another iPhone app that makes a difference

Kinomatic camera

Kinomatic for iPhone is another awesome video editing app that makes a difference. iOS has a lot of these incredible content creation Apps. This is why I switched back to iOS from Android. No other reason really. It's important to me to have professional apps and Kinomatic is just one app of a a lot of other professional Apps for iOS.

Kinomatic video editor

The only thing I think is bad with Kinomatic is that you can't share to YouTube directly from the app. You have to save it to the camera roll first. But maybe that will come in an update.


  • Shoot a series of clips - they will automatically be edited together into a film for you
  • Elegant interface that gets out of your way so you can just film great footage
  • Auto focus, focus-at-a-point, lock focus
  • Auto exposure, exposure-at-a-point, lock exposure
  • Adjust white balance
  • Camera stabilisation
  • Light on/off
  • Front/back camera
  • Grid to help level shot
  • Monitor sound levels
  • Zoom and set zoom speed (iPhone5+ only)

Kinomatic audio editor


  • Elegant interface that makes editing flow.
  • All on your phone - no manual downloading, digitization or conversion needed.
  • Re-order clips
  • Trim clips - with smart preview
  • Add an audio track
  • Trim and position the audio track to sync perfectly with the video
  • Adjust audio levels of video clips and audio track
  • Beautiful titles to help tell your stories
  • Design titles by changing font, transparency, color, alignment and size
  • Place titles anywhere in the film you want, anywhere on the screen and anywhere on the timeline
  • Add as many titles as you like, even multiple titles in one screen - up to 3 at 1 time, each with their own timings and settings
  • Turn to landscape to play full screen
  • View all your films in your library
  • Share anywhere you want - share straight from the app to Vimeo, Facebook and email. Or save straight to your camera roll and share anywhere else from there.

Kinomatic title editor iPhone video editor

Watch video with Kinomatic in action:

Demo video made with Kinomatic